About the Network

El Sistema Texas Network (ESTN) is a statewide organization of programs inspired by the El Sistema model spread throughout Texas. While there is notable diversity in the specific details of each member program, all share the same values and are committed to the overarching mission of the Network. Rooted in the philosophy of El Sistema from Venezuela, we not only maintain direct connections and cooperation with the foundational program in Venezuela but are also part of the Global Sistema Network, granting us a unique authenticity in comparison to other networks. Through this global alliance, ESTN seeks to strengthen musical education and community development across Texas, championing inclusion and excellence in every endeavor.

Origin Story

El Sistema Texas Network (ESTN) was officially inaugurated on July 17, 2022. Yet, this marked neither the inception of El Sistema in Texas nor the first venture to craft a statewide organization for Sistema-inspired programs. As the year 2020 unfolded with its unprecedented global challenges, Texas’s Sistema programs began to interconnect and bolster each other. This spirit of collaboration rekindled the aspiration to establish a formalized state-level entity. The chronology that follows delineates the pivotal waypoints that paved the way for the formation of  El Sistema Texas Network.

“Music is a fundamental language. It’s universal. It’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity.”

Gustavo Dudamel