Paris, France – The European tour of El Sistema Texas began with a resounding success in the City of Light...

Today marks the beginning of a momentous international tour for El Sistema Texas...

Ten children performed live while customers enjoyed their dinner on Sunday, April 28. They are raising funds for their European tour.

In music camps, children can explore their creative. From learning the basics to deepening what they already know, Music camps keep students active and nurturing their cognitive side.

It’s personal, unique, and the oldest musical instrument ever known.

On Sunday, April 28, El Sistema Texas will play music at Russo’s Westgreen location at 5:00 PM.

El Sistema Texas is offering a heartfelt performance on Saturday, May 11, to praise mothers on their day.

Soprano 2 voice Keyla Garcia competed against 52 students in The All-Region Choir of Texas.

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The orchestral and choral summer festivals will begin on July 8. Enrollment is open for students in grades 2 -12.

Learn the difference between the violin, viola, cello, and double bass. They are the largest family of instruments in orchestras.

Forty students sang in a combined choir in Bryan and Brenham. They performed the seventh movement of Faure’s Requiem, In Paradisum.

El Sistema Texas hosted this educational event between March 13-15. Musicians spent three days learning and having fun at Pazific Ranch in Wallis, Texas.

Thirty-five students will sing along Blinn College and Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church choirs. It will be on March 23 and 24.

If you want to impress the judges with your talent, practice is essential. Read this manual to succeed in your next performance.

Avril Carrillo, aged 8, ranked third place in the Charleston Music Competition.

Music exploration begins at home. To take lessons with a professor requires interest, concentration and commitment from students, and their parents.

Musicians will spend three days enjoying the outdoors and preparing for their upcoming concert season.

“From the heart of Texas, ‘El Sistema Texas’ goes beyond music; it represents hope, community, and a bright future through art.”

El Sistema Texas