Orchestral Programs

Preparatory Symphony Orchestra

This programmatic area is designed to nurture and amplify the musical talents of children aged 4 to 7. Through active participation in music initiation programs, young participants engage with string instruments like the violin, viola, and cello. The emphasis is on fostering essential qualities such as discipline, collective and individual responsibility, motivation for success, and the development of strong self-esteem.

Children’s Symphony Orchestra

Focused on children aged 8 to 13, this program aims to channel their musical abilities by involving them in a symphonic orchestra. This experience places strong emphasis on cultivating discipline, both individually and as a team, motivating them for success, and boosting their self-confidence.

Youth Symphony Orchestra

Geared towards young individuals aged 14 to 20, this strategic program guides their vocational orientation and job training. It harnesses their musical talents within an orchestra while also enhancing their ethical and moral development.