Board of Advisors

Yusmairi Villalobos

Venezuelan, a human being above all else; passionate about justice and conflict resolution for as long as my memory serves me. A lover of smiling and art in all its forms, including some of the most awe-inspiring for me, as they are more than art, they are masterpieces, such as nature, the human being as a divine creation, and music. 

For almost two decades, I have been co-creating success stories with individuals and organizations, working in the corporate world, and simultaneously involved in cooperation with foundations like Noumai Tepichi, for example, primarily in support of children and families in vulnerable situations. 

Today, I am privileged to be here and be a part of this organization, contributing my gifts and talents and writing this great story called El Sistema Texas. Because if we came for something, it was to serve and to be and make others happy!