Teaching Artist

Cruz Rafael Cabrera

Born in Caracas in 1958, my passion for music began thanks to the influence of my mother, who had a musical legacy. At the age of 12, I started my musical education at the “José Reyna School of Music,” where I delved into Music Theory, Sight-Reading, and Classical Guitar. After completing my university studies in 1983, I continued my musical education at the “Lino Gallardo School of Music,” where I explored Harmony, Counterpoint, and Music History under the guidance of Professor Violeta Lares, and Professors Francisco Rodrigo and Salvador Toro Moya. I also studied Harmonic Analysis with Maestro Antonio Mastrogiovanni at the “Juan José Landaeta School.”

Subsequently, I expanded my musical horizons at the “José Ángel Lamas School of Music,” where I explored Choral Conducting with Professor Belén Ojeda and Classical Guitar with Professor José Gregorio Guánchez. My musical education culminated with the attainment of the title of Composer, following studies in Counterpoint, Fugue, and Composition under the mentorship of Maestro Miguel Astor.

As a founding member of the “Rafael Suárez Polyphonic Choir,” I played various roles, from section leader to soloist, instrumentalist, and conductor. Within this choir, I participated in the performance of major symphonic-choral works, including Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Brahms’ Requiem, and Handel’s Messiah, among others.