Board of Advisors

Eglis Zambrano

Academically, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Statistical Sciences and a Specialist degree in Social Science Data Analysis, both from the UCV. Additionally, I work as a part-time professor at the same university and serve as the head of the Statistics Section at the Pedagogical Institute of Caracas.

Marcelo Rodriguez’s mom, Venezuelan, daughter, wife, sister, a faithful believer in my journey of faith. I was part of the Family Encounters and Emmaus in Venezuela, passionate about service, convinced that faith, love, and hope are the great forces that sustain us. By profession, I am an economist and a public accountant, and I have been living in the United States for the past 4 years.

I love freedom, music, challenges, I’m a cheese and hamburger enthusiast, and spending time with children always fills me with energy and has taught me to dream every day.