Board of Advisors

Hilda Besson

I am Hilda Besson, a creative brand strategist with an undeniable passion for the world of creativity, innovation, and marketing. My background in Social Communication, specialized in Advertising, combined with master’s degrees in Marketing Management and an MBA in Digital Marketing, has laid the foundation for nearly 20 years of transformative experience.

Furthermore, I consider myself more than just a strategist; I am a mentor and leader on this exciting creative journey. I deeply understand that creativity is an evolving process, not simply a final destination to reach. My mission goes beyond techniques and tools because I act as a guide and facilitator on this path. I assist individuals and organizations in identifying, unlocking, and applying their innate creative potential. And I do it with a clear objective: to achieve a positive and transformative impact on the world. Creativity is a power, and my commitment is to help you unleash and purposefully utilize it.